Nick Castellanos Has Hilarious NSFW Explanation for New Tattoo

The story behind Nick Castellanos' New Tattoo is absolutely amazing.
The story behind Nick Castellanos' New Tattoo is absolutely amazing. / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Castellanos is a big reason why the Phillies are only one win away from returning to the World Series. After an impressive regular season where he batted .272/.311/.476 with 29 home runs and 106 RBIs, Castellanos has been a force in the playoffs, clobbering 5 home runs with 7 RBIs through 11 games thus far.

With all the extra attention that Castellanos has been getting in October, some fans may have noticed his new tattoo. As it turns out, Castellanos has a pretty funny explanation for how he got it.

Nick Castellanos Tattoo

In Alex Coffey's article for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Castellanos opened up about how he got his latest tattoo.

According to Castellanos, he and friend Wes Wilson were hanging out a couple of weeks ago. They already consumed two bottles of wine when Castellanos, fueled by liquid courage, had the bright idea to get a new tattoo. Wilson had his tattoo gun with him and was more than happy to fulfill his friend's spontaneous wishes, drawing a cursive letter "J" on his hand.

What's so special about the letter "J"? Castellanos had an explanation for that as well.

Per Castellanos, "J" stands for Jessica, his wife and mother of his son.

Jessica already had a tattoo of the letter "N" on her hand in honor of Nick, so Castellanos was simply returning the favor. He even let her draw the tattoo to ensure that she would like it.

It sounds like they're both happy about the new tattoo, which seems to be a good luck charm for Castellanos. He's been red-hot at the plate since he got it, coming up big in October.

So the next time he's in a hitting slump, maybe he should just get a tattoo.

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