NFL's 2024 Christmas Game Plan is Bad News for Eagles

The NFL is scheduling Christmas Day games once again. The Eagles are likely to get one.
Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Now that the peak of free agency is over, we are slowly turning our attention to the new NFL season. That means we are getting more updates on rule changes, tampering investigations, draft visits, and scheduling decisions. One surprising news that came out on Tuesday was the fact that NFL is planning to schedule more Christmas Day games in 2024, despite the fact that it is on a Wednesday.

This is a departure from what the league has done previously. The NFL historically only scheduled games for Dec. 25 if it fell on a day that the league usually already had games on. They shied away from stepping on NBA's toes, which usually had priority over Christmas scheduling.

However, due to the massive TV ratings, the NFL decided to have games on Christmas Day, making it a very short week for teams. This doesn't bode well for good, big-market teams like the Philadelphia Eagles.

Eagles Likely to Play Again on Christmas Day in 2024

According to the initial reports, the teams who will play on Christmas Day will have Saturday games the week prior. This would still allow them three full days of rest, similar to a Thanksgiving day schedule, but it's still a very quick turnaround.

The Philadelphia Eagles have had three Christmas Day games, most recently last year against the New York Giants in Lincoln Financial Field. Fortunately, Philly has won all three of these games, so perhaps that is the silver lining in all of this.

One can expect that the Eagles will play again this year as the NFL tries to showcase its biggest stars in marquee matchups on such occasions.

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