Jason Kelce Reveals Primary Reason Behind Retirement

The legendary Eagles center discussed the real reason why he retired this offseason.
Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Even though it was widely expected, Jason Kelce's retirement upset Eagles fans this offseason. After 13 years in Philadelphia, the iconic offensive lineman hung up his cleats in March earlier this year. Not only did this create a massive hole in the locker room and the organization, but it also meant that the Eagles lost one of their most experienced and capable players on the team.

Kelce will continue to be a big part of the Eagles and the NFL. He will join Monday Night Countdown on ESPN next season where he will share his insights.

One valuable insight he shared came on the latest episode of the New Heights Show he hosts with his brother Travis. When discussing his retirement decision, Kelce revealed fascinating tidbits.

Eagles News: Jason Kelce Reveals Reason for Retirement

Kelce highlighted that he started considering retirement four seasons ago but knew that he could still play at a high level. It wasn't until last season that he felt like he wasn't able to play at his usual level and execute the way he wanted to. According to him, that was the main reason he decided to call it quits.

Some Eagles fans may disagree with this. Kelce was still phenomenal in 2023, playing every game and earning All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors. He was still one of the best centers in the league. However, star athletes set a high standard for themselves, and failing to meet them can cause frustration.

It sounds like Kelce felt like he wasn't playing at the bar he set for himself and that was enough for him to know it was time to walk away.

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