Final Score Predictions for Every Eagles Primetime Game on the 2024 Schedule

How will the Philadelphia Eagles do in primetime games in 2024?
Philadelphia Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the NFL's best teams, and they're also one of the most "watchable" teams. At least, that's what the league is communicating by putting the Eagles in primetime matchups for almost a third of their games in the 2024 season.

The Eagles have five games in primetime slots in 2024, and they also will have multiple games featured in the later afternoon windows on both CBS and FOX throughout the season. You know there's going to be some good TV with the Eagles this coming season when neither of their matchups with the Dallas Cowboys even made it to primetime.

Philadelphia Eagles 2024 primetime games

  • Week 1: vs. Green Bay Packers (in Brazil, Friday Night)
  • Week 2: vs. Atlanta Falcons (Monday Night Football)
  • Week 9: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (Sunday Night Football)
  • Week 11: vs. Washington Commanders (Thursday Night Football)
  • Week 12: @ Los Angeles Rams (Sunday Night Football)

How will the Eagles do in these primetime matchups throughout the season? We're going to take a crack at predicting each of them.

Week 1: Eagles vs. Packers (Friday night in Brazil)

The Eagles' first primetime matchup of the 2024 season is a Friday night tilt in Brazil against the Green Bay Packers. These two playoff teams seemed to be going complete opposite directions at the end of last year with the Packers going on a huge run and nearly reaching the NFC Championship Game.

The Eagles, on the other hand, were bounced quickly from the playoffs by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thankfully for Philly, the slate is wiped clean and there's no such thing as momentum from one season to the next. I think they're going to make a statement against the Packers in Week 1.

Prediction: Eagles win 34-24