5 Eagles Who Won't Be Back if Philly Doesn't Win the Super Bowl

Which Philadelphia Eagles players (or coaches) won't be back if this team doesn't win it all?
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4. Julio Jones, WR

You have to love or at least respect Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman. Anyone who has ever played or grew up playing the Madden video games always assembled their rosters similar to the way Roseman does it in real life.

He's not afraid to make any trade, he's not afraid to call up any veteran, and he's certainly been one of the NFL's most aggressive trigger men when it comes to building his roster.

The addition of Julio Jones in 2023 was rather risk-free, but another sign that Roseman is never satisfied with status quo. Jones ended up catching a touchdown and you can call it the "difference" in a seven-point win over Washington earlier this season. But if the Eagles lose the Super Bowl this year (and likely even if they win it), this will probably be Jones's first and last year with the team.

5. Kevin Byard, Safety

The Philadelphia Eagles made a pre-trade deadline move with the Tennessee Titans to acquire perennial All-Pro safety Kevin Byard, and Byard is still looking for his first interception as an Eagle.

Although Byard's family has been longtime Eagles fans, it's possible that a loss in the Super Bowl (or even a win) could spell the end of the veteran's run with Philadelphia. This move could very well just be a rental for this season.

Byard is due a base salary of $9.6 million next season with a cap hit over $14 million. Win or lose in the Super Bowl, his contract is going to need to be re-worked barring a huge run of interceptions or something crazy.

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