5 Eagles Who Won't Be Back if Philly Doesn't Win the Super Bowl

Which Philadelphia Eagles players (or coaches) won't be back if this team doesn't win it all?
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2. Jason Kelce, Center

This would be a tough one for Philadelphia Eagles fans (and NFL fans, in general) to swallow. There have been rumors of Jason Kelce potentially considering retirement and the Eagles have obviously done their part to draft and plan in advance of whenever he does decide to hang up the cleats. Like Brandon Graham, Jason Kelce was part of the Eagles team that won the Super Bowl in the 2017-18 season.

He's got a ring, and he came dangerously close to getting one over his brother and the Chiefs last year. If the Eagles don't win the Super Bowl this season, I could definitely see Jason Kelce deciding to call it a career and he would undoubtedly be able to be proud of being a perennial All-Pro selection, Pro Bowl selection, and Super Bowl champ.

3. Sean Desai, defensive coordinator

It felt like the Philadelphia Eagles sort of settled at defensive coordinator in the 2023 offseason. It wasn't a great year to need a defensive coordinator overall, but Sean Desai wasn't a terrible pick. I think there were a lot of teams vying for Vic Fangio, who got an offer he couldn't refuse from Miami. Whether or not the Eagles were in a bidding war for Fangio is unknown, but they went after a Fangio disciple in Sean Desai.

Philadelphia's defense ranks 20th in points allowed this season, they're 30th in 3rd down defense, and 29th in red zone defense.

If they don't win the Super Bowl, you can almost hear the fans calling for Desai's head and I think the Eagles will recognize the need for a potential change at that spot.