5 Eagles Who Won't Be Back if Philly Doesn't Win the Super Bowl

Which Philadelphia Eagles players (or coaches) won't be back if this team doesn't win it all?
Philadelphia Eagles
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There are undoubtedly some high expectations for the Philadelphia Eagles this season. The Eagles currently have the best record in the entire NFL, and they came extremely close to winning their second Super Bowl in franchise history against the Kansas City Chiefs back in February.

The Eagles are definitely in a "championship window" but if they don't win, the window might close and the team may have to reset after the season.

If the Eagles fail to win it all, which players (or coaches) could be on the move? Which key members of this team currently would be on their way out the door after the season?

Let's take a look at five names that could be gone after the year if the Eagles don't win it all.

1. Brandon Graham, EDGE

Brandon Graham has become something of an ageless wonder for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was with the team during their first Super Bowl run back in 2017, and that was Graham's eighth NFL season. He helped the Eagles reach the pinnacle then, and he's done his best to get them back in another Super Bowl window, especially last year when he had a career-high 11.0 sacks (the only double-digit sack season of his career).

Now in his 14th season, Graham is pushing 36 years of age and already has a Super Bowl ring in his collection. All good things must come to an end and if the Eagles fail to win it in 2023 (or even if they do win it), it's reasonable to think this could be Graham's last run at it.