Eagles Fans Let Brian Johnson Hear it For Horrendous Red Zone Playcalling

Offensive coordinator Brian Johnson is infuriating Eagles fans with his playcalling in the Red Zone.

Eagles fans let Brian Johnson hear it for his bad red zone playcalling.
Eagles fans let Brian Johnson hear it for his bad red zone playcalling. / Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Philadelphia Eagles' offense has been outstanding this season on about 80 yards of the field. Then in the red zone things have totally fallen apart.

You can't always narrow an issue like that down to put the blame on one person, but it's becoming increasingly clear that offensive coordinator and play-caller Brian Johnson has a lot to do with it.

And fans are starting to turn on Johnson already.

After a first-down run with Hurts got nothing and a second-down run with D'Andre Swift did the same, Johnson decided that third and goal from the nine yard line was the appropriate time to run Hurts up the middle with no misdirection and no creativity.

Fans immediately let the boos reign down when it predictably failed and the field goal team took the field.

Hurts' rushing has not been much of a factor outside of QB sneaks this season. Some of that may be on Hurts running more conservatively, but a play like this makes it so clear that Johnson is largely to blame.

This play featured nothing. No motion, no play-action, nothing to even get the linebackers out of the box.

There wasn't even a major pass sell from Hurts or the line to make the defense drop into coverage. It was basically the QB equivalent of a running back dive, but with 9 yards to go.

The Eagles entered the week as one of only 10 teams in the NFL to have scored touchdowns on fewer than 50% of their red zone trips this season, and that percentage continues to get worse. 

This is for a team that ranked No. 3 in the NFL at 68.0% in 2022 and No. 8 in the NFL at 62.9% in 2021.

Brian Johnson has been a disaster so far, Eagles fans know it, and they're not going to be shy about letting Johnson know about it.

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