Eagles Defender Reveals He's Now Out for Playoffs in Social Media Post

The promising rookie will miss the Eagles' playoff run
Sydney Brown confirmed he'll miss the postseason after suffering a knee injury
Sydney Brown confirmed he'll miss the postseason after suffering a knee injury / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a terrible few weeks for Philadelphia Eagles fans, and while there's still room for optimism in the Wild Card Round, they just suffered another big blow ahead of the NFL Playoffs.

Sydney Brown suffered what appeared to be a torn ACL on Sunday, which would obviously knock him out for the playoffs.

Brown shared a heartbreaking post in Instagram expressing his disappointment and confirming his season was over.

Eagles Injury News: Sydney Brown Confirms He's Out for Playoffs

Brown wasted no time marking the the date as the end of his rookie season, and it's likely one he'll remember during his recovery.

He was quick to turn to the positive, however, emphasizing that he's "more motivated" than he's ever been. The third-round pick out of Illinois won fans over with his passionate play, and he'll now have to bring that same passion to the offseason rehab work.

He ends his rookie campaign with 45 tackles, one forced fumble and one 99-yard interception TD that was perhaps the Eagles' best defensive play all year.

The Eagles are floundering heading to the postseason, having lost five of their last six games while allowing 7.4 yards per pass attempt over the last three weeks.

Losing Brown is a devastating blow, and now Philly has a short turnaround to prepare for the Bucs game. We'll see if the defense can make up for the loss, though it's certainly not the news the Eagles' faithful wanted to hear.

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