Eagles' 3 Biggest Concerns After Embarrassing Loss to 49ers

Three big concerns regarding the Philadelphia Eagles after their stunning loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13.
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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3. Jalen Hurts' Health

A lot is being asked of Hurts this season with the defense not stepping up and his own unit finding moving the ball more difficult than it was last year. There's even more pressure on him to make plays, especially when calls don't go as intended and his receivers are covered.

As a result, he's been put in harm's way quite a bit this season, and Sunday featured another injury scare as he was forced to leave the game with a potential concussion.

Thankfully he turned out to be okay and even came back in to finish the contest, though it was the kind of play that reminds fans how quickly this team's bright outlook could change.

Of course, Hurts also played through the middle of the season with a knee bruise that he suffered early on in 2023. That, too, had the potential to upend this campaign, though the team's Week 10 bye seemed to give him the time off he needed to get right.

Regardless, it's clear Hurts is taking a beating this year, and there's not much of a solution right now. He was regularly holding onto the ball for longer than anyone would like because his wideouts weren't open against the 49ers.

Meanwhile, his running backs weren't used (nine total carries combined to RBs) on Sunday, so he also led the team with seven attempts on the ground. That just put him in even more danger against an angry San Fran defense that wanted to (and almost did) take his head off.

Hurts' health will help determine how far this team goes in the playoffs, but he needs support from those who aren't pulling their weight to get through the regular season in one piece.

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