Eagles' 3 Biggest Priorities After 2024 Minicamp

What are the top three priorities for the Philadelphia Eagles after 2024 minicamp?
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After a massively disappointing 2023 season which ended with an embarrassing defeat in the playoffs against Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Philadelphia Eagles aren't messing around in 2024. They've gone and made some major moves all throughout the offseason, including some notable changes to both the roster and coaching staff.

The Eagles hired Kellen Moore as their new offensive coordinator in 2024 and they stole Vic Fangio from the Miami Dolphins as their new defensive coordinator. In free agency and the NFL Draft, they made some much-needed upgrades to the secondary, pass rush, and offensive weaponry.

But how is it all going to come together in 2024? What should this team be prioritizing now that mandatory minicamp and OTAs are over and training camp is on deck?

1. Cohesion on the coaching staff

There have been a lot of moving parts on the coaching staff the last couple of years for the Eagles, so finding the right balance here is going to be critical.

Nick Sirianni was hired by Philadelphia after some impressive work as Philip Rivers's quarterbacks coach in San Diego with the Chargers, as well as the team's wide receivers coach for a few years before calling the offense for the Indianapolis Colts for three seasons. But he wasn't hired by the Eagles to be an offensive coordinator, he was hired to be the team's head coach.

That means delegating, and he's got some experienced guys he's handing coordinator duties over to in 2024. The Eagles hired Kellen Moore, the former Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator, to call their offense. Legendary defensive coordinator Vic Fangio is calling the defense. That's a lot of "new" for a team that is also changing a lot of personnel on either side of the ball.

If the Eagles expect to contend this season, they need to make sure there's cohesion in the working relationship between all of these coaches and their respective units have to be executing at a high level to hit the ground running at the start of the season.