D'Andre Swift Signs Finds New Home Suspiciously Quickly

Did D'Andre Swift and the Chicago Bears obey the "legal tampering" period rules?
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The NFL fully acknowledged that teams could not help themselves and wait for the start of free agency. That's why it created the "legal tampering" period. But now, naturally, noon ET on the Monday before free agency opens isn't the actual start of when teams start negotiating. It's clear that creating this negotiation period does nothing to stop teams from tampering.

Just look at how quickly D'Andre Swfit's agent apparently managed to work out a contract with his new team, the Chicago Bears.

Eagles News: D'Andre Swift Signs With Chicago Bears

D'Andre Swift has reportedly agreed to terms with the Chicago Bears on a 3-year deal worth $23 million. And to make the matters more impressive, the two sides managed to hash that out in about 12 minutes!

If we're to believe that this "legal tampering period" is real, Chicago got in touch with Swift's agent, the two sides settled on a contract length and salary, and Swift's agent did his due diligence to make sure there weren't any better offers out there for his client all in less than 15 minutes. Pretty impressive.

Of course, with everything else we know about how the NFL operates, that's not what happened, and nobody will face any consequences for it. Such is life.

Anyway, the good news for Eagles fans is that Swift wasn't our Plan A at running back anyway. Philly fans really want to see a certain former New York Giant rocking Kelly Green next year, and the Bears had surprisingly emerged as betting favorites to sign Saquon Barkley as early as this morning.

Swift going to Chicago clears one major competitor out of the way to allow Philly to (hopefully legally) get a deal done with their new star RB1.

Despite the departure of their former lead back, the Eagles only barely trail the Dallas Cowboys in the odds to win the NFC East.

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