Beloved Eagle Will Set Franchise Record Against Bills

Brandon Graham is about to go down in Eagles franchise history.
Nov 5, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA;  Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham (55)
Nov 5, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham (55) / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are a franchise with an interesting history. While they date back to 1933, a lot of the franchise records and most beloved players in franchise history come from the last few decades. Some fanbases obsess over their history because they don't have any recent success to point to (looking at you, Dallas), but even your grandpa probably likes Brian Dawkins at least as much as he likes Chuck Bednarik.

Well one modern Eagle will set a new franchise record against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Brandon Graham is about to suit up for his 189th game as an Eagle, breaking a tie with David Akers for the most games played in Eagles franchise history.

This one definitely makes me feel old. I don't love the idea of a guy setting a franchise record for longevity also being someone from a draft class that I remember as vividly as 2010. But you're not here to read me lament getting old, so I digress.

I'm gonna hit you with the rest of the top-10, then outline why it's so special that Graham is setting this record.

Most Games Played in Eagles History

  • 1(t). Brandon Graham (188)
  • 1 (t). David Akers (188)
  • 3. Jason Kelce (186)

  • 4. Brian Dawkins (183)

  • 5. Fletcher Cox (182)

  • 6. Harold Carmichael (180)

  • 7. Brent Celek (175)

  • 8. Chuck Bednarik (169)

  • 9. Tra Thomas (166)

  • 10. Randy Logan (159)

First off, just check out how recent so many of those top names are. In a way you do expect modern NFL players to show up on the "most games played" lists, as longevity is getting better and better in the NFL, but you don't really expect those games to come with one franchise. Players jump from team to team so often that they don't tend to rack up a ton of playing time with any one in particular.

But things are different in Philly. The Eagles draft well and they treat players right. Guys want to spend their whole careers here. Just look at that top-five. Three of the players (Graham, Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox) were drafted by the Eagles and are still active. When all is said and done, those three will likely be the top three in franchise history. That's special.

And for Cox and Kelce, they're obviously stars so it makes sense that they've been around so long. But Graham is particularly interesting because he's not often been a full-time starter. And that's a testament to the kind of person he is off the field.

Graham is a true leader in the locker room, and he's always had a huge presence in the Philadelphia community. He's embraced the city and the city has embraced him. He embodies everything you want a team leader to be.

So let's all offer up an early congratulations to Graham. It's going to be great to celebrate his achievement with a big win over the Bills.

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