AJ Brown Has the Worst Top-5 All-Time WR List You'll Ever See

Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown named his top five wide receivers in NFL history, and the list has some glaring omissions.
AJ Brown named his top five wide receiver of all time, and the list is terrible.
AJ Brown named his top five wide receiver of all time, and the list is terrible. / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Game recognize game, right? Who better to ask about the greatest wide receivers in NFL history than one of the current greats? Or at least, that's what you would have thought.

Instead, AJ Brown gave us an all-time bad list of the all-time great wide receivers.

This is... something.

I mean, I get that AJ Brown was born in 1997. I'm not going to expect Dan Hutson and Steve Largent to be on his list. He even acknowledges that he's biased towards more recent players.

But he's got Larry Fitzgerald on there. He's got Calvin Johnson on there. Both of those guys were already in the NFL when some guy named Randy Moss set the single-season receiving TD record.

And again skewing younger, as an Eagle you'd think the name "Terrell Owens" might mean something to Brown.

There are probably only three receivers on Brown's list (Rice, Fitz and Megatron) who are even top-10 in NFL history.

Of course having Julio Jones on the list may just be hyping up a new teammate, but I don't even think Julio's own family is going to make the argument that he's the second best wide receiver in NFL history. As far as Antonio Brown? Well at least Antonio himself probably agrees with his ranking there.

So we've firmly established that AJ Brown is no historian of the game.

But as long as he continues to be a student of the game the way it's played today, maintaining his status as one of the best wideouts in the NFL right now and trying to get his own name onto some all-time lists then we can forgive him.

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