76ers Insider Provides Frustrating Tobias Harris Trade Update

The 76ers reportedly don't plan to trade Tobias Harris
The 76ers reportedly don't plan to trade Tobias Harris / Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Tobias Harris is likely Daryl Morey and the 76ers' best trade chip remaining to build a championship-caliber team around Joel Embiid.

There's reportedly a potential trade on the table that would help make Philadelphia an immediate Finals favorite, though Morey appears to have hesitations.

The team can certainly compete for a title with Harris, as he's averaging 17.4 points and six rebounds per game while shooting over 51% from the floor, but can Philly afford to turn down this deal?

76ers Trade Rumors: Daryl Morey Reluctant to Trade Tobias Harris

This is Harris' sixth season with the Sixers. While he's been a reliable contributor, he's struggled in the playoffs and his defense can be exposed.

That makes a potential deal to bring OG Anunoby and Alex Caruso on board all the more appealing. Both considered to be two of the best defenders in the NBA, they'd bring an instant toughness on defense to pair with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey's incredible scoring ability.

From a pure roster-building perspective, it's a no-brainer. Pair two elite defenders with two elite scorers, one of whom happens to be a pretty darn good defender himself? Where do I sign?

Unfortunately, Morey seems reluctant. According to Pompey, "the Sixers currently don't intend to part ways with Harris."

We can't know for sure if this trade is legitimately on the table. If it is, then Morey would be doing Philadelphia a disservice not to take the deal. The Sixers are currently +1500 to win the NBA Finals at FanDuel, the fifth-best odds in the league.

A trade like this could help catapult them to the top.

Morey always tries to get the best deal. In this case, I don't know if a better one is coming.

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