76ers Fans Don't Hold Back on New 'City Edition' Jersey Reveal

"This jersey fits the mood of the city towards the team right now."
Philadelphia 76ers fans roasted the new City Edition jerseys.
Philadelphia 76ers fans roasted the new City Edition jerseys. / Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA's 'City Edition' uniforms have been pretty hit-or-miss so far, and last year most Philadelphia 76ers fans thought their jersey in the series was a definite miss.

The 2023-24 City Edition Jerseys have been released, and to a lot of 76ers fans these are more of the same β€” "boring," "mid" jerseys that rank among the least exciting in the league. Not everyone hates them, though, so judge for yourself.

76ers City Jersey

You can see in the replies to that reveal, however, that the reception is not good.

It may not seem like an alternate jersey is a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but that last reply kind of hits home.

This is a franchise that has largely lost the trust of its fanbase (again). Philly fans went through years of disappointment, only to finally start to feel good about the team again over the last few years. Those fleeting good vibes have quickly deteriorated this offseason, however.

is the City Edition uniform as important as, say, the James Harden drama? Of course not. But it's an opportunity to really get your fans excited about something and to feel some pride in what the team is doing. Instead, the 76ers botched the opportunity.

Maybe it's just a jersey. Maybe it's not that serious. But maybe this organization being totally out of touch with what the fanbase wants is exactly what the problem is.

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