6 Free Agents the Eagles Should Sign Before Mandatory Minicamp

What free agents should the Eagles be targeting?
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4. Kareem Jackson, Safety

The Philadelphia Eagles have already done a great job of retooling their entire defensive backfield this offseason, starting with bringing back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, a player they acquired in a trade with the Saints a couple of years ago.

Gardner-Johnson actually spent last season with the Detroit Lions, but suffered an injury early in the season and was barely able to help Detroit out in their quest to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. But he did come back from the injury, and he proved to be a key piece once he did.

Despite playing just six total games last season between the regular season and playoffs, Gardner-Johnson wound up with a pair of interceptions and proved his ballhawking skills haven't gone anywhere. Now the Eagles have him back and signed him to a big-money deal, but they might need to go after additional depth in the secondary given the fact that he's coming off of a big injury.

One player new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio would almost certainly be interested in is Kareem Jackson. Fangio has gone on record as saying that Jackson is one of his favorite players of all time and he made it a priority to sign him in free agency in his first year with the Denver Broncos back in 2019.

Jackson has played both corner and safety in his NFL career and although he's under the microscope of the league, he's a hard hitter who can set the tone with his physicality. There is no question that Jackson is going to have to take a budget-friendly deal due to how suspension-prone he has been (because of the hard hits), but Fangio loves him and Jackson has stated a desire to play 15 NFL seasons. This would be his 15th year in the league.