6 Free Agents the Eagles Should Sign Before Mandatory Minicamp

What free agents should the Eagles be targeting?
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2. Jamal Agnew, WR/KR

One of the most underrated aspects of the entire 2024 NFL offseason is the fact that the NFL is implementing a new kickoff/kickoff return rule this coming season. The new kickoff return setup will be a major benefit for players who excel in returning kicks and making plays in space.

There is some thinking that teams could go from 20-30 kickoff returns per year under the old rules to upwards of 100 kickoff returns in the 2024 season.

Because of that, having good kickoff return specialists is going to be absolutely essential, and there's really no risk in NFL teams going after players who have done that well in the past while they have a chance to load up their 90-man rosters. In fact, it would be borderline roster malpractice not to be going after guys who can return kicks.

Jamal Agnew is a very good kickoff returner. He's a good punt returner, too, for that matter. He was named an All-Pro in his rookie NFL season and over the course of his career he has four punt return touchdowns and two kickoff return touchdowns. Imagine this guy getting a ton of opportunities back there as a returner in 2024.

The Eagles would be wise to add more players like this to the roster. Having difference-makers in the return game could be the difference between winning two or three games this coming season. You don't want to be the team that wasn't at the forefront of taking advantage of these new rules.