6 Eagles on Thin Ice Heading Into the Playoffs

These six Eagles are on thin ice as the team stumbles into the playoffs on the heels of a 1-5 stretch
Philadelphia Eagles
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1. Nick Sirianni, Head Coach

There's no one in Philly with a hotter seat than head coach Nick Siranni as they enter the postseason. Sirianni was hired in 2021 and immediately raised eyebrows with his unique approach. He had a rough opening presser and turned heads when he played 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' with draft prospects to test their competitiveness. He then led them to a 9-8 record that year followed by a 14-3 campaign in 2022.

Philadelphia nearly won it all but fell to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. That led to the Eagles being a preseason favorite and they shot out of the gates with a 10-1 record. Their ninth win during that stretch was against the Chiefs and after the game, Sirianni was seen yelling at the fans — which is a rough look for any coach.

Since then, the Eagles have fallen apart. They snuck by Buffalo with a 37-34 win in overtime but then got smacked by the 49ers in a 42-19 loss. That was the first of three losses in a row. They stopped the bleeding with a 33-25 win over the Giants but then dropped their final two games. Arizona handed them a 35-31 loss and then New York ran them out of the building in their rematch, winning 27-10.

Now entering the playoffs as the fifth seed, the Eagles are just 1-5 in their past six games. They also have injuries to deal with as Jalen Hurts hit his hand on a helmet in Week 18 and A.J. Brown suffered a knee injury. If things continue to go in the wrong direction, they might have no choice but to move on from the head coach since he might lose the locker room.

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