6 Eagles on The Chopping Block if Nick Sirianni is Fired

Which Philadelphia Eagles could be on the chopping block if Nick Sirianni is let go?
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6. The Entire Offensive Coaching Staff

Well, you had to figure we would arrive here eventually, right?

If Nick Sirianni is going down, the entire offensive coaching staff isn't exactly going to be absolved, now are they? Marcus Brady (senior offensive assistant), Brian Johnson (offensive coordinator), Jemal Singleton (running backs), Kevin Patullo (passing game coordinator), and Alex Tanney (quarterbacks) all deserve some level of blame for the way this season went.

You mean to tell me that removing Shane Steichen from this group was a death sentence to the offense? And I say that of course knowing that the Eagles still ranked 7th in the league in scoring this season. But they were worse in 2023 by almost every metric, and certainly by the eye test.

D'Andre Swift wasn't an upgrade over Miles Sanders. The Eagles struggled to create for other receivers in the passing game outside of AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith. There was obvious regression from Jalen Hurts. Turnovers increased. Game planning and play sequencing were bad throughout the course of the season.

It was just not a good showing from this offensive staff in 2024, and this group's feet will undoubtedly be held to the fire, especially if Nick Sirianni is sent packing.

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