6 Eagles on The Chopping Block if Nick Sirianni is Fired

Which Philadelphia Eagles could be on the chopping block if Nick Sirianni is let go?
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5. Howie Roseman, General Manager

Eagles fans were just about ready to build Howie Roseman a statue as of about a year ago. Roseman built the Eagles into a Super Bowl contender seven years ago, and the Eagles got their first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history. That automatically got Roseman on the good side of the fan base.

But then to have to tear it all down, rebuild from the ground up, and still maintain contention throughout? Well, the fact that Roseman had this Eagles roster back in Super Bowl contention in 2022 was nothing short of miraculous. To build two completely different contenders like that just a handful of years apart is borderline unprecedented.

But Roseman did that, and even though winning 11 regular season games is nothing to scoff at, the demise of the Eagles in 2023 has undoubtedly caused some people to look back on the last couple of offseasons and wonder if Roseman has been pushing the right buttons and pulling all the right strings.

Heck, even former franchise QB Donovan McNabb is calling for Roseman to be held accountable for the ugly finish this past season.

It's true, there were some questionable decisions made. Some veterans were jettisoned that should have been kept, and some players who were clearly on the downside or on borrowed time (Bradberry) should have been sent packing. Roseman's last two draft classes are also not overly impressive when you consider the capital the Eagles have had to work with.

Ultimately, I think criticism of Roseman is fair. It's a tough league, there's no question about it, but as good as some of Roseman's teams have been, it's all about what you've done for me lately.