6 Eagles on The Chopping Block if Nick Sirianni is Fired

Which Philadelphia Eagles could be on the chopping block if Nick Sirianni is let go?
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4. James Bradberry, Cornerback

As of the 2022 season, James Bradberry looked like he was one of the missing ingredients to the championship formula for the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, Bradberry was called for a questionable penalty (in the eyes of many) at the end of last year's Super Bowl against the Chiefs, and that seemingly created a downward spiral for the veteran cornerback.

Bradberry played at an elite level in 2022. He was named second-team All-Pro after allowing just 45.3 percent of throws in his direction to be completed. He was shutting things down on his side of the field with Darius Slay taking care of his side.

The dropoff for Bradberry in 2023, however, was borderline sickening.

Bradberry gave up 59.4 percent of throws into his coverage this past season, not a bad number depending on the context of the completions. Unfortunately, he allowed over 12 yards per reception, the highest he's allowed since he was with the Carolina Panthers back in 2018.

But the worst part? Bradberry allowed a whopping 11 touchdowns this past season according to Pro Football Reference. He was the NFL's real-life equivalent to Ryan Gosling in Remember the Titans.

Certainly if the Eagles fire their head coach, a number of other players and coaches will be on the chopping block, but I think James Bradberry is on the chopping block regardless of what moves are made at head coach.