6 Eagles on The Chopping Block if Nick Sirianni is Fired

Which Philadelphia Eagles could be on the chopping block if Nick Sirianni is let go?
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3. The Entire Pass Rush

Part of what made the Philadelphia Eagles so great in 2022 was their pass rush. The Eagles led the entire NFL in the 2022 season with a whopping 3.9 sacks per game. Averaging about four sacks per game, there's no question that the Philadelphia defense was eating at every level.

When you have a pass rush that is that productive, it benefits everybody. You get teams in obvious passing situations, and either your pass rush feasts or your coverage unit feasts because of the pressure they're applying.

That wasn't the case in 2023.

Although it might have been a bit ridiculous to expect the Eagles to come up with that kind of production again in 2023, the regression was a bit alarming. The Eagles went from averaging nearly four sacks per game in 2022 to averaging 2.6 sacks per game in 2023. That dropoff in pass rush productivity (understanding sacks are not the only way to measure that category) was noticable in every possible way.

The Eagles were worse on third down. They were worse as a coverage unit. They struggled to create turnovers (18 takeaways, 23rd in the NFL).

Philadelphia's entire pass rush unit could be on the chopping block next if Nick Sirianni is let go.