6 Eagles on The Chopping Block if Nick Sirianni is Fired

Which Philadelphia Eagles could be on the chopping block if Nick Sirianni is let go?
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2. Jalen Hurts, Quarterback

Jalen Hurts signed a historic contract in the 2023 offseason, so he's not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon, but his play late in the season certainly has raised some questions about his longer-term future with the team.

Especially if Nick Sirianni isn't in the equation.

The Eagles would undoubtedly look to someone to come in and get the best out of Hurts, but we've already seen Howie Roseman willing to move on from a big contract and a high-profile player at the QB position who has been in the MVP conversation.

The talking heads are already coming after Jalen Hurts...

Down the stretch of the season, and really over the course of the entire season, the Eagles did not get the Jalen Hurts they saw last season. Hurts threw 15 interceptions in 2023 after throwing 15 interceptions in 30 games between the 2021 and 2022 seasons combined. Averaging nine fumbles per year on top of that, and all of a sudden the pressure becomes a little more intense.

I don't think Hurts is in danger of anything in 2024, but if the regression continues next season, he won't have much longer to get back on the saddle.