6 Eagles Fans Will Be Sad to See Leave in Free Agency

The Philadelphia Eagles need to make changes but that doesn't mean it will be easy to say goodbye to these 6 players
Philadelphia Eagles
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1. Jason Kelce, Center

Another example of how well the Eagles have been drafting for so long is Jason Kelce. A sixth-round pick out of Cincinnati back in 2011, Kelce went on to become the starting center for the next 14 seasons. He took over the job from day one and hasn’t missed a game since his second season in the NFL.

Kelce is more than just a center as well. He’s one of the more likable players in the NFL and even when he’s not on the field, he’s entertaining the crowds as he cheers on his brother, Travis Kelce, in Kansas City. As if that wasn’t enough, Kelce is also the one who makes the “Brotherly Shove” work, even if he hates it every time it’s called.

Having said all of this, there’s no way the Eagles would actually let Kelce leave in free agency. If he wants to play, he’s coming back to Philly. But there are reports that he’s already told teammates he’s hanging up the cleats. In fact, the belief is that he and Fletcher Cox might both be done.

However, nothing has been confirmed just yet. But it feels as though the end is near for Kelce and if he’s already leaning that way, the likelihood he calls it a career seems high. Thankfully, he won’t be putting on a different uniform — because that would just look weird — but that won’t make it any easier for fans to say goodbye to one of the leaders of this team.

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