6 Eagles Fans Will Be Sad to See Leave in Free Agency

The Philadelphia Eagles need to make changes but that doesn't mean it will be easy to say goodbye to these 6 players
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There’s no denying the Philadelphia Eagles are about to undergo some serious changes this offseason. They already changed out both their offensive and defensive coordinators following a late-season collapse. With Kellen Moore taking over the offense and Vic Fangio on defense now, there will be some moves made.

Many of those will be positive as the front office builds the roster to the strength of their new coaches. But it could also be bittersweet to see some teams veterans lost in the shuffle. Here we look at six players who fans will be sad to see leave — even if those players happened to underperform during their time in Philadelphia.

6. Shaq Leonard, LB

There was a lot of noise surrounding Shaq Leonard when the Indianapolis Colts decided to move on, and for good reason. Leonard was the 2018 NFL Defensive Player of the Year and was named to the First-Team All-Pro three times already. What most of us overlooked, however, was the multiple back injuries that led to his release.

We weren’t alone as both the Dallas Cowboys and Eagles rolled out the red carpet for Leonard. He took his first visit with the Cowboys but then headed to Philly where his ties to Nick Sirianni were enough to seal the deal.

Leonard played in five games for the Eagles and had 23 tackles but was far from an impact player. He wasn’t the same in the open field and opposing offenses had no issues going at him. That’s why it’s not likely he will return and while it’s the right move, it’s not the result Eagles fans had in mind when they won the sweepstakes.