6 Eagles Cap Casualty Cuts to Save Millions This Offseason

If the Philadelphia Eagles wanted to save money this offseason, these 6 players could be in danger
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3. Kenneth Gainwell, RB

Pre-June 1 Savings: $1.06 million
Pre-June 1 Dead Money: $83,881
Post-June 1 Savings: $1.06 million
Post-June 1 Dead Money: $83,881

In 2023, the Eagles were eighth in the NFL in rushing yards with 2,190 yards. D’Andre Swift led the way with 1,049 yards and quarterback Jalen Hurts tacked on another 605. Hurts also had 15 touchdowns, which was aided by the “Brotherly Shove.” As for their No. 2 running back, Kenneth Gainwell had a respectable season with 364 yards and two touchdowns while averaging 4.3 yards per rush. He added 183 yards on 30 receptions as well.

As it stands right now, he’s one of the few backs under contract in Philadelphia. Swift is a free agent after being traded from Detroit as is Rashaad Penny. Typically that should mean Gainwell would have nothing to worry about but there’s still an outside chance Kellen Moore comes in and changes things up completely.

First, Moore is going to want to secure a No. 1 back and re-signing Swift makes a lot of sense. He proved he can thrive in a featured role and since he wasn’t a workhorse for the Lions, he doesn’t have a ton of mileage just yet. Should they re-sign Swift, the Eagles will surely look to build up the depth behind him. Again, Gainwell seems as though he should be in the plans but if Moore wants to bring in some rookies to compete, the front office might decide to free up some space.

Moving on from Gainwell would create just over $1 million with just under $84,000 in dead money.