5 Scorers the 76ers Should Trade for to Survive Joel Embiid’s Absence

The Philadelphia 76ers need to bring some offensive reinforcements in Joel Embiid's absence before it's too late.
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Spencer Dinwiddie

This would be a lower-level move if the Sixers don't want to part ways with significant draft capital. The Nets guard would not require a first-round pick to be acquired, and since he is on an expiring contract, he could be treated as a short-term rental for the Sixers.

The 30-year-old combo guard makes $20 million for this season. The Sixers could use Marcus Morris' salary plus second-round picks to bring him into the fold.

Even though Dinwiddie is having a down season, he still fills an important need for the Sixers. If Dejounte Murray is not an option, Dinwiddie could be the next best thing as the two players have similar strengths and weaknesses.

Tyrese Maxey and Dinwiddie are a good fit in the backcourt. Dinwiddie has good size, is a solid individual defender, and can make plays on the offensive end. He is not a knock-down shooter but he is respectable enough to provide spacing for his teammates. He could make things easier for Maxey and Harris on the offensive end with his passing and scoring.

Is he going to change the fate of the franchise this season? No. But he could help keep them afloat until the big guy comes back.