5 Scorers the 76ers Should Trade for to Survive Joel Embiid’s Absence

The Philadelphia 76ers need to bring some offensive reinforcements in Joel Embiid's absence before it's too late.
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Dejounte Murray

The Atlanta Hawks guard is the likeliest former All-Star to be moved ahead of the trade deadline, according to all reporting. After the Trae Young-Murray experiment failed miserably in Atlanta, the Hawks are trying to recoup some of the value they gave up for the 27-year-old combo guard.

Even though he couldn't make the impact Hawks fans were hoping for in Atlanta, Murray is still a valuable two-way player. Initially making a name for himself as one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, Murray eventually improved his shooting to become a consistent 20 points-per-game scorer.

Murray's fit with Tyrese Maxey is certainly intriguing due to both of their ability to play off-ball. Murray can take on the tough defensive assignments with his superior size, while Maxey continues to be the primary ball-handler. Murray can ease the offensive burden on Maxey and Tobias Harris as he can credibly create his shot and run the pick-and-roll when needed.

Murray is under contract for three more seasons after this one. He could hamstring Philadelphia's cap space aspirations in the offseason, but he is on a team-friendly contract that could be moved if necessary.