5 Eagles Who Could Retire This Offseason

The Philadelphia Eagles will go through plenty of change this offseason. This includes the potential retirements of several key players.
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Bradley Roby

The veteran cornerback is on the wrong side of the age curve as he is going to be 32 before the start of next season. After being released by the New Orleans Saints in August, the Philadelphia Eagles signed him as a depth option in their cornerback rotation with the hopes of Roby providing veteran experience.

However, Roby failed to make much of a difference in the Eagles' secondary, which looked old and slow all season.

Now, Roby is a free agent and it's hard to see the Eagles retaining him, as they will likely want to radically change the secondary. Considering the reduction in role, snap count, and performance for Roby, he might choose to retire if the Eagles don't want to give him a contract.

Julio Jones

Future Hall-of-Famer Julio Jones had his moments with the Eagles this season after being signed in October. He had a vintage performance against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17 with two touchdowns. Other than that game, however, it was a mixed bag for the 34-year-old. He finished with career lows across the board with 11 receptions and three touchdowns in 11 games.

That is to be expected for a 13-year-veteran wide receiver with a ton of mileage on him. He went back and fourth between being WR4 and WR5 all season, failing to make a case to be higher on the totem pole.

Considering the fact that he will turn 35 in February, it's hard to see Jones wanting to stick around for another season. Perhaps he will sign for a team mid-season once again but the legendary receiver's playing days are certainly numbered.