5 76ers Leaving Philadelphia in the New Year

Despite the 76ers' strong start to the 2023-24 NBA season, don't count on these five players to remain on the roster throughout the New Year.
Nicolas Batum is one of five 76ers who are likely leaving Philadelphia in 2024.
Nicolas Batum is one of five 76ers who are likely leaving Philadelphia in 2024. / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Furkan Korkmaz

Another potential trade candidate this season is none other than Furkan Korkmaz. The Turkish shooting guard has been with the 76ers since he was drafted 26th overall in 2016, but he's made it clear over the years that he'd appreciate some new scenery.

After all, Korkmaz has requested multiple trades over the years, including one as recently as back in October when he hoped to join Harden on the LA Clippers.

It isn't hard to see why a trade would be best for both sides. Korkmaz is never going to be a starter in Philadelphia seeing as he hasn't started a game since March 2022. He's also averaged fewer than 10 minutes in each of the last two seasons after averaging 21 minutes in 2021-22, making it easier to see why he'd be frustrated in his current situation.

As for the 76ers, why wouldn't they want to move on from him? Korkmaz is averaging fewer than two points while shooting about 36% from the field and worse than 27% from the perimeter. Regardless of how you slice it, those are awful numbers for a player on a $5.37 million contract.

Assuming that any team out there wants to take Korkmaz on for any reason, the 76ers shouldn't even hesitate to ship him out of Philadelphia.