4 Phillies on Thin Ice Heading Into Spring Training

Philadelphia Phillies have largely been silent this offseason but there are a few players who may not be safe heading into the season.
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2. Taijuan Walker

After signing the four-year, $72 million deal with the Phillies, Taijuan Walker had a season that was expected of him. He compiled the most wins on the pitching staff with 15 while crossing the 150-inning threshold for the third year in a row, earning himself a Gold Glove nomination.

However, he somehow failed to make a single playoff appearance during the Phillies' postseason run. Perhaps the reason for that was his 5.93 ERA he posted in September right before the playoffs, but not giving a single inning to the pitcher you owe $72 million to was certainly bizarre.

Walker rightfully expressed his frustration with the organization after the NLCS loss. If he isn't on his best behavior or doesn't perform too well, he could be out the door mid-season.

3. Scott Kingery

The Phillies expectedly declined Kingery's $13 million option for 2024 but he will remain with the team, reverting back to the minor-league deal he previously signed.

With the emergence of Bryson Stott and the arrival of Trea Turner, once-promising Kingery doesn't have much of a chance to be in the rotation. He hasn't registered a major-league plate appearance since 2021 and that is unlikely to change any time soon. He slashed .244/.325/.400 in Triple-A ball last season.

Philadelphia likely regrets giving him that contract extension after he showed flashes early in his career. A fresh start for him somewhere else could be the best option for everyone involved.