4 Free Agents the 76ers Must Target This Offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers have a chance to turn themselves into a championship contender with the right free agency moves this summer. Can they take advantage?
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LeBron James

We all know how unlikely this is. LeBron James has shown no indication that he is leaving Los Angeles this offseason. But one can only dream.

LeBron is hitting free agency this summer once he inevitably turns down his player option for next season. He still hasn't committed to the Lakers and there have been conflicting reports about his future.

Why not give him a maximum contract offer and make him think?

The Lakers aren't winning a championship any time soon. The Western Conference is stacked and the Lakers aren't particularly close. They don't have high-end talent or depth to build a championship-caliber roster around LeBron and Anthony Davis.

If James wants to give himself the best chance to win a title while making the most money he can, the Sixers are his best option. In an easier Eastern Conference, playing next to Maxey and Embiid will make the Sixers instant favorites.

For now, this will likely stay as a pipedream for Sixers fans but Daryl Morey is known to not leave any stone unturned. Don't be surprised if you start hearing more about LeBron-to-Philadelphia speculation in the coming days, especially with the Lakers struggling to find a new head coach.

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