4 Free Agents the 76ers Must Target This Offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers have a chance to turn themselves into a championship contender with the right free agency moves this summer. Can they take advantage?
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The Philadelphia 76ers are entering a pivotal offseason. They basically have a blank slate and can construct the roster however they want to. They don't have any rotation player other than Joel Embiid who is under contract for another season. They will obviously re-sign Tyrese Maxey but what they end up doing with the rest of the team is anyone's guess.

The Sixers have more cap space than any playoff team in the league. That means that they will have their pick on the free-agent market, with the ability to outbid anyone. They offer a rare combination of title contention and lucrative contracts that no other teams in the NBA can. That should give them an advantage in chasing these four free agents on the market.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

A lot of attention has been given to stars that the Sixers can chase this summer. That is understandable. Putting a third All-Star next to Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid is an appealing option. However, it also carries its risks.

Having three players on max contracts on your books can make roster building very challenging. It makes your team top-heavy and leaves you vulnerable to injuries because of the lack of depth. You have to fill the rest of your team with minimum contracts and finding quality there can be challenging.

Another strategy the Sixers can pursue is targeting multiple starting-caliber free agents. One player that should be at the top of their list is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

KCP plays a position and role of need for Philadelphia. As a three-and-D shooting guard, he can help Maxey and Embiid immensely. He will take on the tough defensive assignments on the perimeter while providing floor-spacing on the other end.

The best part is he should be acquirable for about $20 million per year, leaving enough cap space for the Sixers to pursue another high-level starter. It may be hard to lure Caldwell-Pope away from the Denver Nuggets but Daryl Morey should certainly try.