4 Former Phillies Who Will Fail Miserably With Their New Teams in 2024

The Philadelphia Phillies saw a few key names leave in free agency. They may not be the solution their new teams are hoping for.
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The Philadelphia Phillies are largely having a quiet offseason. They mostly kept their powder dry without making any splashy moves. And that is understandable since the roster is stacked in every position and is good enough to make another postseason run.

However, there were some departures as the Phillies had a few key rotation players hitting free agency. Whether any of these players will be missed remains to be seen, but here are a few names that are more likely to fail rather than succeed in their new destinations.

Michael Lorenzen

Oh, how quickly things turn around in baseball. Trading for Michael Lorenzen mid-season was a move that struck fear into the Phillies' opponents, especially after he threw a no-hitter against the Washington Nationals in his first home start. This was the first no-hitter by a Phillies player since Cole Hamels in 2015. Things were looking up for Lorenzen and Philadelphia.

However, things went south really fast after the no-hitter. Lorenzen struggled, posting a 5.51 ERA in 11 games with a whopping 15 walks and only 18 strikeouts. This naturally pushed Lorenzen out of the rotation and he was used sparingly in the postseason. He wasn't any better in his first relief appearance, giving up four earned runs.

Although inconsistent, Lorenzen is a good and versatile pitcher, making his first All-Star appearance in 2023. He is currently still a free agent but he should get a decent long-term contract by a team looking to bolster their bullpen. Yet, whichever team decides to sign him should be ready for consistently inconsistent performances.

It's hard to see the Phillies regretting not retaining Lorenzen.