4 Former 76ers Philly Needs To Bring Back This Offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers have a ton of cap space and desire to be active in the offseason. They should think about bringing back a few former Sixers.
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Jerami Grant

One of the success stories of The Process era in Philadelphia, the former second-round pick Jerami Grant has turned himself into one of the better two-way forwards in the league.

When Grant was a rookie in Philly back in 2014, he was a raw prospect. He couldn't shoot, dribble, or finish. He was projected to be more of a defensive specialist. Over the years, however, he kept adding to his game and became a solid, all-around offensive player.

Grant has averaged over 20 points per game in three of his last four seasons. He has shot over 40% from three in the last two seasons, making at least two threes per game. He continues to be a good defensive option thanks to his size, length, and athleticism.

That is the profile of an ideal third option for the Sixers. Grant is currently under contract for three more seasons with an average annual salary of $32 million. That is certainly a hefty amount to pay for the 30-year-old. But in today's NBA, that is the standard for a high-level starter in a valuable position.

If the Sixers want to get a player of Grant's caliber in free agency, they will likely pay over 30 million per year regardless. So, if they can get the rebuilding Portland Trail Blazers to give Grant up without too many assets going the other way, the Sixers should seriously consider it.