4 Eagles on Thin Ice After Humiliating Loss to 49ers

At 10-2, the Philadelphia Eagles still control their own destiny but these 4 might be feeling some cracks on the thin ice under their feet
Philadelphia Eagles
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1. Nick Sirianni, Head Coach

Since taking over as the Philadelphia head coach, Nick Sirianni has an impressive record. Overall, he's 33-13 and led them to a Super Bowl last year. They nearly pulled off the win over the Kansas City Chiefs which would have made Sirianni an even larger star. But imagine what it would have done to his demeanor.

As good as Sirianni is with firing up his team and coming up with game plans, he's an absolute mess when it comes to how he presents himself professionally. Sirianni has a problem controlling his emotions — and at one point during the Super Bowl, Jalen Hurts even had to stop him from taunting the Chiefs.

This year, it seems to have gotten worse with him screaming at fans in the Kansas City tunnel. Then on Sunday, he was at it again, jawing with the 49ers before the game kicked off.

This isn't likely the only reason San Francisco won but pissing off a team with so many explosive players was about as dumb of an idea as there is. And if anyone wants to shrug off Sirianni's actions, just look at how it flows down to the staff. The Eagles are now in the news because Dom DiSandro, their head of security, was ejected for getting into a fight with linebacker Dre Greenlaw.

Those aren't words that should ever be typed. Throw in the fact that Sirianni allowed Hurts to return in a blowout game after being evaluated for a concussion and he's putting himself on thin ice. And if anyone wants to point to "almost" winning a Super Bowl as his "get out of jail free" card, just ask Doug Pederson how easy it was to lose this fan base with a title under your belt.

Sirianni is an elotional guy but he has to get that under control. Head coaches don't act the way he does and that's not because they're not emotional. It's because they don't let their emotions control them.