4 76ers Playing Their Final Postseason in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia 76ers are headed to the playoffs. These four players may not be back after this postseason run.
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3. Kyle Lowry

Another potential player to retire after this season is Kyle Lowry. The 38-year-old guard signed with the Sixers after being released by the Charlotte Hornets when the Miami Heat traded him there to bring in Terry Rozier.

He has exceeded all expectations so far in Philadelphia as they had to rely on the veteran more than people had thought. Lowry is playing over 28 minutes per game as a Sixer, making over 40 percent of his threes while averaging 8.4 points and 4.6 assists per game. That is impressive for any player in their 17th season in the NBA, let alone for an under-athletic 6-foot point guard.

How much longer Lowry can keep that up is a big question mark. Perhaps it depends on how the postseason goes for the Sixers but there simply isn't too much precedent to small guards playing and being effective past their age 38 season.

North Philly's Finest is already defying the odds by putting in this performance at this stage of his career. Anything more would be the cherry on top of an illustrious, six-time All-Star career.

Sixers fans would love to see him back for another year but considering how taxing the 82-game regular season is for any player and the fact that Lowry missed over 20 games in four of the past five seasons, makes it more likely that he will not return for another year.