4 76ers Playing Their Final Postseason in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia 76ers are headed to the playoffs. These four players may not be back after this postseason run.
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The Philadelphia 76ers are headed to the playoffs. Despite being distracted by James Harden drama to begin the season and dealing with the unfortunate injury to Joel Embiid for most of the season, the Sixers will have a chance to finally make a deep postseason run.

We don't know how far Embiid will be able to take Philly this postseason, but we know that it will likely be the last time these players suit up for the Sixers. Let's take a look at which Sixers are the least likely to return for the 2024-25 campaign.

1. Tobias Harris

Sixers fans will wonder about how Tobias Harris managed to play out his entire five-year, $180 million contract with the team, but against all odds, he did it. Despite constant calls for his trade by the fanbase, the 31-year-old forward stuck it out through various versions of the Embiid-era Sixers. He was one constant, albeit a disappointing one, amidst the consistent chaos surrounding the organization over the past few years.

However, his time in Philadelphia is coming to an end. The Sixers are finally free of his albatross of a contract and Daryl Morey presumably has no interest in bringing him back.

Tobias Harris is certainly not a bad player. He is reliable, doesn't miss games, and gets you 17-18 points per game on average efficiency while playing average defense on the other end. He would be a decent fourth option on any team. The only problem was that he was getting paid like a second option. And he has shown time and again that he is not capable of carrying that large of an offensive load.

On a more team-friendly deal, the Sixers may consider bringing him back but he has been a scapegoat for far too long and a fresh start would be better for both sides.