3 Trade Targets the Eagles Must Avoid at the Deadline

Are there any trades the Philadelphia Eagles should avoid in 2023?
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2. Don't trade for any ball-dominant wide receivers

It feels like maybe the most significant players that could be moved at this year's NFL trade deadline are wide receivers, and even though the Eagles already have a couple of studs in AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith, they could be in the market for one more.

But this Eagles team absolutely does not need another ball-dominant receiver.

That would include players who have been rumored to be available like Mike Evans, Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, and more.

Instead, what this Eagles team needs is perhaps a receiver who can be effective on limited targets. Someone like Marquise Brown of the Arizona Cardinals would actually be an incredible fit for this current Eagles team.

But let's use the example of Mike Evans for this instance of what the Eagles should avoid. Obviously, Evans is one of the most consistent players at the wide receiver position in NFL history. He's basically an automatic 1,000 yards at that position. But that doesn't happen by accident. It happens because the Buccaneers make a concerted effort to get this man the ball.

And the Eagles don't need to be taking a bunch of targets away from Brown and Smith.