3 Studs (and 2 Duds) From Phillies Game 1 Win Over Marlins

Zack Wheeler highlights the list of Phillies studs from Game 1 against the Marlins.
Zack Wheeler highlights the list of Phillies studs from Game 1 against the Marlins. / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Dud Dusty Wathan

Dusty Wathan completely ruined the momentum that was building in Citizen's Bank Ballpark early. Fans were ready to explode for the start of Red October.

Zack Wheeler primed everyone with that phenomenal first inning.

Kyle Schwarber got everyone's attention on his first at bat. Trea Turner cranked up the heat with a double to put runners on first and second. The crowd was absolutely buzzing, and things were about to explode with an early 1-0 lead.

And then Dusty sucked the life out of things. Bohm hit that fly-ball to right field, Schwarber was ready to tag up and score an easy run to keep that momentum rolling. And Wathan held him. Completely boneheaded play, and Phillies fans let him hear it.

He didn't stop at one blunder though.

Bryce Harper scored from second to give us a little insurance before Craig Kimbrel came into the game (let's be honest, nobody would've felt comfortable being up 3-1 with Kimbrel coming in), and it wasn't an especially close play at the plate.

But if Dusty had his way Bryce would've held up at third. Thank goodness Harper made the heads up play to ignore Dusty.

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