3 Realistic Trade Targets the 76ers Must Consider When NBA Trade Season Opens

These players would boost Philly's championship hopes
The Raptors are reportedly listening to offers for OG Anunoby
The Raptors are reportedly listening to offers for OG Anunoby / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Zach Lavine - Chicago Bulls

While Wright would be more of a practical move, acquiring Lavine would qualify as a blockbuster.

Lavine has been tied to trade talks all season and it seems more of a matter of when, not if he'll be traded. If Daryl Morey wants to go all-in on offense, pairing Lavine with Maxey would give the Sixers' perhaps the NBA's most fearsome backcourt on offense.

Averaging 21 points per game with strong shooting numbers, Lavine would be a strong offensive complement to an offense that already terrifies teams. The issues would come defensively, though Joel Embiid's prowess on the block would likely still give Philadelphia a competent unit even if the backcourt struggles.

Having Embiid down low, Lavine cutting and Maxey shooting on the outside could elevate the Sixers' ceiling. In a competitive Eastern Conference with strong teams like the Bucks and Celtics, this is the kind of gamble that could lead to a championship for Philly.

A trade of this magnitude would require a lot of assets, but I expect Morey to be diligent. Low-cost moves like Wright certainly would be easier, though Morey's desire to win could wind up bringing a star like Lavine to Philadelphia.

We'll see what moves Morey decides to make. In any case, don't expect the Sixers' roster to look the same next month that it does now.

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