3 Realistic Eagles Trade Targets This Offseason

Who could GM Howie Roseman trade for this offseason?
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There are very few executives around the NFL as aggressive as Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. Roseman has assembled a heck of a roster in Philadelphia, even as disappointing as the 2023 season ended for them.

You can bet that as disappointing as the end of the 2023 season was for the Eagles, Roseman is going to be doing whatever he has to do in order to ensure that his team doesn't suffer a similar fate in 2024. The question at this point would be, what trade opportunities are actually out there?

We know Roseman moves aggressively when guys get put on the block, or when players hit free agency, but how can we realistically put ourselves in the mind of Roseman and project some deals he might actually make? Let's take a look at a handful of moves that could make a ton of sense for Philly in 2024.

1. Trade for Browns RB Nick Chubb

Trading for someone like Nick Chubb seems like something Eagles GM Howie Roseman would do.

First, we have to figure out why Chubb could potentially be available. You're not always going after a sure thing when you trade for someone in the NFL. Teams try to get rid of players for one reason or another.

From the Browns' perspective, Chubb is entering the final year of his contract in 2024. He's not only got one year left on his deal, but he's 29 years old this coming season and is coming off of a serious knee injury that cost him most of the 2023 campaign. Cleveland could save nearly $12 million by cutting or trading Chubb this offseason, and that's an avenue they may unfortunately have to explore, given the fact that they are $21 million over the salary cap right now.

The Philadelphia Eagles may be willing to oblige in taking on the majority of Chubb's contract if the price is right in a trade. Philly is currently $20 million under the cap and they have the flexibility to get even further under it. A player like Nick Chubb, if he's even 90 percent of what we're used to seeing, is someone that could realistically push this team over the top offensively.