3 Players Who Could Provide the Phillies Nick Castellanos Insurance

We hope this hot stretch is here to stay, but if not changes could be made
2024 London Series - Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
2024 London Series - Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Ryan Pierse/GettyImages
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The Wildcard

This is the “never gonna happen but just imagine” thought. Move Bryce back to right and go all in on a first baseman. Harper has been a good outfielder and his arm is healthy now.

Sure, we let Rhys Hoskins walk and planned the season around Bryce being a first baseman, and he’s been a good one at that. But… Steve Cohen is crazy. He might look to offload a certain power hitting first baseman due to hit free agency.

Imagine Pete Alonso hitting nukes into the deep bleachers of Citizens Bank Park. Or what if the Blue Jays continue to falter and decide to blow it up and Vladdy Guerrero Jr. becomes available.

Dombrowski isn’t shy to give up a big trade package and even if Andrew Painter is untouchable, the Phillies have prospect depth with guys like Mick Abel, Starlyn Caba, and Aidan Miller. Christian Walker is entering free agency, imagine that power bat and elite glove in the cherry pinstripes if the Diamondbacks continue to fall behind in the playoff race.

Even less high-powered names like Josh Bell and Justin Turner would be available rentals at the deadline. This would never happen and the Phillies seem committed to having Harper stay at first long-term, but for a couple months…. I could dream it.

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