3 Players the Eagles Can’t Bring Back in 2024

These 3 Eagles have already proven they shouldn't be on the roster in 2024
Philadelphia Eagles
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2. Marcus Mariota, Quarterback

David Carr might think Marcus Mariota is a better option for the Eagles but he's wrong. Perhaps he just hasn't seen Mariota play since his days at Oregon but he's just not the answer. Even Geoffrey Knox of Inside the Iggles would agree as he had a rather blunt assessment when it comes to the No. 2 quarterback on the Eagles roster.

"There's seemingly no nice way to put this. Marcus Mariota can't play. We learned that when he was in Nashville with the Tennessee Titans. That point was driven home when he stunk it up with the Atlanta Falcons (and when he quit on them), yet somehow, there was this buzz when Philly landed him this offseason." — Knox, Inside the Iggles

There was a time when Mariota and the Eagles seemed destined for one another. That was, of course, when Mariota was entering the NFL Draft and Chip Kelly was doing all he could to land his former collegiate star. Perhaps the two would have been great together again but we'll never know.

What we do know is that Mariota hasn't been able to lead a team and the Eagles would be better off letting him walk in free agency this offseason. There will be better options available and maybe even a mid-to-late-round pick would suffice. It just shouldn't be Mariota who makes too much money for what he offers at this point in his career.