3 Philadelphia Eagles on Thin Ice Following OTAs

Which Eagles are on thin ice after OTAs?
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2. James Bradberry, CB

It's a bit unfortunate for someone like James Bradberry to be so under the microscope at this point, but that's what will happen when you have the kind of season we saw from him last year. Bradberry was not the only player on the Philadelphia Eagles defense in 2023 who struggled, but his struggles were arguably the most obvious and pronounced on the entire team.

Bradberry allowed 60 completions on 101 targets into his coverage last season, and he gave up a whopping 740 yards and 11 touchdowns. It was simply unacceptable from the 2022 second-team All-Pro, and the Eagles clearly made the necessary roster adjustments to move on from him this year.

They went out and selected Quinyon Mitchell in the 1st round of the 2024 NFL Draft and traded up in the second round to get Iowa Hawkeyes cornerback Cooper DeJean.

Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio needs to be able to rely on his cornerbacks consistently. James Bradberry, as of what we saw last season, is not trustworthy enough to throw out there consistently, and the Eagles are right to go with a youth movement at that position group. The issue with cutting Bradberry is, there's really no financial benefit to it. The Eagles have already committed over $9 million to him in 2024 via an option bonus.

He can stick around and provide some depth, or he could possibly be let go anyway.