3 Offseason Moves That Will Backfire on the Eagles

The Eagles could wind up regretting these decisions
Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Sirianni
Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Sirianni / Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Keeping Nick Sirianni as head coach

When the Eagles began to struggle in 2023, a lot of blame fell on the shoulders of Nick Sirianni. The third-year head coach didn't help to calm the frustration either thanks to his over-the-top attitude.

Before their free fall, Sirianni was seen yelling at fans as he headed into the tunnel in Kansas City. It's understandable he was excited about knocking off the Chiefs, who beat Philadelphia in the Super Bowl the prior season, but his reaction would have been questionable for a player — but is inexcusable for a head coach. 

His actions left a bad taste in the mouth of Chiefs fans and they were quick to point out the decline started following this outburst.

This wasn't the first time Sirianni did this either, as he yelled at Colts fans the previous year. He also proved to be tone-deaf and stubborn, never apologizing for offending anyone or making changes to their scheme.

There were expectations he would be let go but instead, they fired the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator. While it's true they both had issues, the real problem started with the head coach. Teams often take on the personality of their coach and that's the case here with the Eagles.

Sirianni is led by his emotions and that's great when the team is winning but it's hard to course-correct when things go wrong. That's why they shouldn't expect much change after deciding to keep him around.

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