3 Eagles Who Need To Be Benched in the Playoffs

Which Philadelphia Eagles players need to be benched in the playoffs?
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2. Bradley Roby, CB

The Philadelphia Eagles may be running out of solutions in the secondary, so it's hard to say they should bench a guy like Bradley Roby.

But after what we saw against the New York Giants? They might have to look at alternate solutions.

Pro Football Focus gave Roby the worst tackling grade on the Eagles after that game against the New York Giants, in which there was plenty of bad tackling to go around. But what was even more frustrating was the way the Giants' receiver crew was just running buck wild all over this Eagles secondary.

Roby not only earned the worst tackling grade of any Eagles defender against the Giants, but he was also the lowest-graded member of the secondary when it comes to coverage grade. Not good.

Although the Buccaneers haven't been the most consistent team offensively this season, they've got playmakers at the receiver position that will absolutely gash this Philadelphia Eagles secondary the way they've been playing as of late.

It's no wonder GM Howie Roseman went through all the effort to sign veteran players like Roby and make a trade for Kevin Byard -- this is one of the weakest areas on his roster, and it could ultimately be the primary reason why they are bounced out of the postseason quickly.