3 Eagles Who Need To Be Benched in the Playoffs

Which Philadelphia Eagles players need to be benched in the playoffs?
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At this point, is it fair to say the Philadelphia Eagles are one of the most disappointing teams in the entire NFL this season? That seems shocking to say for a squad that started 10-1, but it might be accurate. The Eagles lost five of their final six games and are limping into the playoffs with a matchup against the NFC South champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers to start things off.

All hope is not lost, but the Eagles look like a team trending toward an early playoff exit after winning the NFC last season. Do they need to make some last-minute personnel changes? What areas does this Eagles team need to improve as quickly as possible?

Let's take a look at a few players who need to be benched, or at least play less, with the season on the line against Tampa Bay.

1. Nicholas Morrow, LB

Enough is enough here. Did the Philadelphia Eagles sign Shaq Leonard to come in and make an impact for this team or not? Against the New York Giants -- where the Eagles' starters were playing -- Leonard played just 29 snaps compared to Nicholas Morrow's 62, and the results?

Well, they speak for themselves.

Nicholas Morrow had the worst PFF grade for any Philadelphia Eagles defender against the New York Giants, and he played more snaps than anyone not named Kevin Byard. What is Matt Patricia doing with the personnel since taking over for Sean Desai? Why is Shaq Leonard only playing 29 snaps -- a third of the snaps Nicholas Morrow is getting?

It's not good. The results are not good. The Eagles need to ride or die with Leonard playing the lion's share of snaps in the postseason and let Morrow play a minimal role.