3 Eagles Who Must Be Benched Before the Playoffs

Which Philadelphia Eagles players need to ride the pine with the playoffs approaching?
Philadelphia Eagles
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2. Anyone taking snaps from Bradley Roby

The Philadelphia Eagles are a testament to why you never stay satisfied with the construction of your roster. With the NFL's lenient rules on veterans being able to join the practice squad, and the almost-certainty of injuries coming up at some point, you should always be adding, always be looking, always be working players out.

Especially guys with the pedigree of Bradley Roby.

Roby was a first-round pick out of Ohio State back in 2014, and he helped the Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50 as part of the No Fly Zone, a secondary that will go down in NFL history as one of the best to ever do it. Roby has played in a lot of big games, and he's the type of experienced player in the secondary you want to have on a team like this.

He proved exactly how valuable he can be by forcing a fumble on Travis Kelce when the Eagles beat the Chiefs on Monday night...

Josh Jobe, Eli Ricks...

The Philadelphia Eagles don't exactly have to worry about the nickel cornerback position with Roby on the roster. As long as he's healthy, the Eagles need to keep anyone else that might steal his snaps nice and comfortable on the sideline.